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Natural Evolution Of Hawthorn Health
Established in the heart of the country side in 1989 Hawthorn Health was a thriving local icon for high quality nutritional supplements. We’ve since evolved into the UK’s number one online retail super store for health and nutritional foods as well as supplements, selling thousands of high quality branded products at realistic prices. We still hold onto our rural values and offer each customer a personal touch fused with prompt and efficient delivery of their orders.

Our purpose built warehouse facility occupies over 40,000 square feet enabling us to hold increased levels of stock providing the assurance of continuity of supply. Retail customers can normally expect a fast next day delivery service on orders received before 10am.

The warehouse operates on a system driven stock rotation basis; every order is picked by bar code and this together with our webcam scanning systems minimises picking and packing errors, optimising the accuracy of orders being filled.

The Team Dedicated To You
At Hawthorn Health we don’t use the word “Team” as cheaply as other companies like to portray. Each and every member of our company is a team player who has a genuine interest in not only the company; but the quality of products we stock and retail to you. Before we take any new product onto our portfolio, we have team gatherings where we all can analyze what exactly we are about to offer our customers. This way we feel, as a progressive company, that we are offering the public top quality and safe products and at the same time; creating a workspace for our team that is inclusive and invigorating. We also endeavor to support local communities of in various ways.

Our Vision
Hawthorn Health endorses natural and organic where ever possible. We strive to cut our carbon footprint down on an annual basis through minimal postage packaging and in house paper wastage. Hawthorn Health will only ever offer you genuine products that we feel may be beneficial to your overall well being whilst not making medical claims about our products ability to cure or prevent illness or disease.  Hawthorn Health will always listen to customer’s views and treat them as part of our company’s strategy for 100% customer care.

Personal Customer Service For You
What is Customer Service? For us at Hawthorn Health “Customer Service” means; YOU, YOU and YOU. Customer Service is about your needs, your order and your experience of buying from our company. At Hawthorn Health you should always expect a prompt answer to your emails, a friendly voice on the phone and a quick answer via Live Chat. YOU are our number one priority, as it is you that makes our company so successful.

Quality Branded UK Licensed Products
Hawthorn Health is committed to being UK and EU compliant on all our portfolio of health products. This ensures you that any product you purchase from us is deemed safe and has a quality score that surpasses all current and pending UK and EU legislation. Unlike others we don’t source bulk supplements from China or any other unregulated country and then repackage to make them look genuine. All our products are market leaders and have a history and more importantly; a UK seal of approval.

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